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Project Management Assistance


Our expert project managers in project management assistance and project managers rely on genuine know-how, field experience and proven methods to assist our clients in the implementation of complex and strategic projects.

Method and quality:

We propose interventions at different levels: from strategic project management (high-level delivery entrusted to an experienced project manager) to operational project management (planning, monitoring of tasks and resources, etc.).

A tailor-made offer in several stages:


Definition: "The assistant to the owner (AMOA or AMO) has the task of helping the client define, manage and exploit the project carried out by the contractor. Advice and proposal. "

Once a project is launched, steps naturally take place and are classified in a certain logical order.

But when it comes to expressing its needs gradually, precisely and in a language comprehensible by the supplier or the provider, when it comes to coping with the possible constraints which do not fail to happen, when Is to receive the finished product and test it without omitting any of its functions, things become complex and require skills that are not systematically present in the company.

Medeiamark Software accompanies its clients in the stages of the project which would not be covered by their expertise.

It is also a fresh look, new ideas, which are proposed upstream of the project.

The AMOA (project management assistance) applies to all the hierarchical levels of the company and concerns both the projects of the General Management and those of the production departments.